The Science Behind Arousal: Why Some People Are Attracted to Used Panties

Women's dirty panties

The urge to sniff women’s dirty panties may be confusing to some, but it shouldn’t be condemned. However, let’s listen carefully to what I have to say:

For a sexual act or preference to be considered strange, it must be aberrant. In the case of panty sniffing, the strangeness lies in its association with animal instinct, which society views as “dirty”.

It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with being “dirty”. The best of us are. However, the problem arises because panty sniffing is considered dirty due to the idea that the vagina should be odorless. It is a cultural notion that has historically become the norm, despite its unfoundedness. And this is actually wrong.

The result of this has been widespread shame and guilt among women about their genitals. Just take a look at hundreds of “feminine hygiene” products. These products support the myth that vaginal odor is a sign of dirtyness, when in fact it is an indicator of sexual health.

It is important to note that the use of such products is likely to make women less attractive to men, at least initially. Just ask those who sniff panties – these products upset them. This natural smell, which many women try to hide, is actually biologically programmed to turn men on.

So if strong vaginal odor is what attracts some people to panty sniffing, is it really that weird? Socially, yes, but scientifically, no.

If you want to know more about why the scent of a woman evokes such a sexual response, keep reading.


Smell of used panties

A strong response to the question why some people are disgusted by panty sniffing is due to the presence of pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals that naturally attract animals to each other for the purpose of reproduction, helping them interact and eventually reproduce. They play a central role in the natural world, but humans do not have an organ capable of processing these substances, so scientists still do not fully understand what role they play in the human body.

Humans also produce pheromones, which are present in all bodily secretions. They are found in oils on the skin, in sweat and, of course, in vaginal fluid. Human pheromones contain unique information about their health, strength and fertility, and, according to some scientists, we are subconsciously aware of this when we are looking for a sexual partner.

For example, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin conducted a blind study to find out how pheromones affect sex drive. They asked the men to smell the T-shirts the women wore at different stages of their menstrual cycle. And by a wide margin, men rated the T-shirt women wore during ovulation as “the sexiest” and “the most cuddly.”

Pheromones affect not only men. Research shows that both men and women experience improved mood, attention, and emotional processing when exposed to pheromones. Women also experience increased sexual response and are more likely to achieve sexual satisfaction!

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