Apps Made Easy: How Mobile Apps Are Built and Used

Mobile traffic has exceeded desktop traffic since 2016. And this figure is increasing all the time. According to research, the average person uses a smartphone approximately 5 hours a day. If you organize the development of a mobile application for your brand, then some of this consumer attention may go to your company. Of course, for using some services, a computer is still more convenient than a phone. This is relevant in situations where you need to closely examine the proposed product and find out its characteristics. But still, people are already accustomed to solving most problems using a smartphone.

Advantages of the mobile application

Some managers think that a mobile version of the site will be enough to meet the client’s needs. This is not true because it is not very user friendly. Applications have advantages that the web version does not have:

  • Data personalization is available. Mobile applications better adapt to the user; they are able to determine his location, record purchase history and products of interest, as well as device data. By offering the client something that interests him, you will attract more attention to your company and increase sales. If you need a custom solution for a mobile app development of any complexity, contact Flexyti.
  • The application has access to the device’s capabilities. When installing it, the user can, for example, connect geolocation. Then the person will not have to enter his address every time. This is especially true for taxi or delivery services. By increasing customer convenience, the quality of service improves.
  • Can work autonomously. This function is relevant if the user is offered content that can be used without an Internet connection. This could be, for example, music. In this case, the application must allow data to be saved so that the client can use it offline.
  • Can send push notifications. This is a good way to contact clients. Using such a tool, you can notify consumers about company news and promotions, which will attract additional attention to its product.
  • Increases customer loyalty to the brand. If a user has already installed your mobile offer, then most likely they will continue to use it. There is no point in installing a competing service with similar content when it only takes a few clicks to get a product or service. In order for the consumer to continue to use your application, you need to make it as convenient as possible.

All this helps them gain popularity.

The procedure for developing a mobile application by specialists

1. Creating a User Story.

The first stage of developing a mobile application is to determine the target audience of the product and the content of the service. These requirements are indicated in the User Story. It describes how the client can use the application and what difficulties he may encounter. It is important to identify all possible problems in advance in order to immediately solve them at the initial stage of development. Try to set tasks as clearly and specifically as possible. Each item of your wishes implies a large amount of functionality, so it is better to break large tasks into several small ones.

2. Design and creation.

The second stage of developing a mobile application is designing its content and design. In this work, it is convenient to use a schematic approach that makes it clear how the user should move around the application.

3. Development.

After completing the design and creating the design, you can hand over the application to the developer. He implements the customer’s plans and organizes the service. After this, you can proceed to explore the trial version.

4. Testing.

There are special services that help test the application. A popular program is HockeyApp, which allows you to distribute the product to beta testers. She posts information about the new product on social networks and invites users to rate it. Those interested receive a build, use the application, and the service collects statistics and compiles a crash report. In addition, there are services created for testing applications on various operating systems.

5. Constant monitoring.

After completing all the main stages, you can upload the application to the store. We recommend using the Distimo service, which will allow you to track the number of downloads, identify statistics on consumers and aggregate their comments.

Ways to promote the program

Keep in mind that the idea of improving work using a mobile application is being implemented in almost all companies. Competition among such programs is very high, so you need to take care of advertising and promotion of your service in advance!

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