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  • Cliff Saran, Managing Editor

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A Computer Weekly Downtime Add special with Capital One bank’s CTO, Brad Miller

Brad Miller lives in New Jersey and, in consequence of the pandemic, has the pliability to work every out of his home and from Capital One bank’s New York location of labor. Miller has been CTO of Capital One for 2 years, the build aside he’s to blame for the bank’s endeavor merchandise and platforms abilities organisation.

With increasingly extra of industry relying on machine, Miller believes the characteristic of an IT leader is to make certain machine style teams can work in an agile methodology and are no longer held lend a hand by avoidable effort. He says: “Search bottlenecks in your programs.” For Miller, it is very straightforward to call these bottlenecks. They’ll be printed as a extensive backlog of labor to total, or when the score promoter score of a industry carrier starts to fall.

Nonetheless, he provides: “There are no longer as many instances of merely agile style as what contributors narrate.”

For Miller, the reason merely agile style is inspiring to total has nothing to total with the capability of machine style teams to work in an agile methodology. Nonetheless, in Miller’s abilities, within a publicly listed company, the cadence of machine-enabled product releases is location by the offer commitments made to shareholders and the financial markets.

“Certain capabilities that you just’re forecasting in your financials or to allow investors to set aside [the direction the company is taking] methodology that you just’ve create of shifted yourself away from extreme agile,” he says. “You’re working lend a hand from a date.”

Whereas the market expects a “substantial bang” product launch, the developers are working iteratively to produce out the fresh functionality by a particular deadline, he says.

Miller says Capital One uses scrum methodologies to allow teams of developers to create little product releases which would be iterative, enabling the corporate to deploy innovation on a walk-to-walk basis.

Machine is seen by many industry leaders as the catalyst that enables them to streak industry strategies and develop digitally enabled improvements. Nonetheless Miller says the main challenges IT leaders face is guidelines on how to hire extensive abilities. And though every fresh tech pattern is followed by a query for fresh skills, main to skills shortage, Miller says: “Now we accept as true with this sort of mountainous appetite to develop fresh industry capabilities that we’re continuously hiring. Nonetheless Capital One has executed a terribly extensive job at being very particular relating to the abilities we resolve on. Whether it’s front-cease style, or iOS/Android mobile developers, I’ve been very impressed with our recruiters’ capability to circulate after the true abilities.”

Miller says this has adapted as the industry shifts to requiring contributors with skills in more moderen areas, comparable to information-targeted skills. “We’re in actuality targeted on getting the true abilities in with the true location of skillsets in reveal to ship [technical] capabilities to our clients true now,” he says.

To make sure that Capital One is willing to continue to innovate with machine, Miller says it is imperative to withhold a focal level on growing machine that’s core to the bank’s industry targets. “For the time being, keeping workers by coaching is a serious section of our abilities scheme,” he says.

Alongside with growing great inner skills, Miller says he’s going to, the build aside major, desire in abilities or work with a tech partner to accept as true with within the abilities gaps within the organisation. 

Taking a gape at guidelines on how to withhold developers motivated, Miller says: “Machine developers love in actuality inspiring complications. They love work on the latest stacks and they love work that’s modern.”

These motivations will seemingly be drawn upon when companies are scuffling with to modernise older programs to discontinuance abilities from going vulnerable. Automation and true tooling are necessary. Miller says developers exhaust a mountainous amount of time managing code deployment pipelines. Capital One has centralised the code offer kind pipeline as a managed carrier by the IT division.

Pattern as a team effort

In Miller’s abilities, one of the essential advantages of the machine style and engineering task is the concept of scrum teams. “These teams are very targeted on a carrier that they’re bringing to market and the team rallies round that carrier and the supporting services and products,” he says.

In accordance with Miller, this sort of work environment creates harmony amongst team members. “It’s a extremely socialistic methodology of building machine the build aside developers and product managers and designers and testers are working together, whether or no longer almost or bodily, with the same aim of constructing, growing and running extensive services and products for their clients,” he says. The team thrives, with out reference to whether or no longer team members are working in an location of labor or almost, he aspects out.

With fresh industry requiring fixed machine innovation, there could be a extensive possibility that machine developers will change into overworked and abilities burnout. Miller says the pandemic confirmed how contributors could work isolated at home and join to every other the usage of abilities. “I wouldn’t snort it’s as extensive as having the ability to be bodily in front of any individual or hug any individual, nonetheless I couldn’t imagine existence with out it over these past few years,” he says.

“In this generation of non-physical togetherness, we’ve in actuality flexed our muscle groups on fascinated with the opposite contributors as steady contributors and what they’ll be going by and we’re embedding extra social interplay, despite the truth that it’s over Zoom.”


Definitely, the Covid-19 pandemic has compelled industry leaders to reassess the methodology workers work, the build aside they’re most productive and guidelines on how to withhold watch over teams the build aside some contributors are no longer all within the same location of labor. The hybrid mode of labor has also altered the pre-pandemic methodology that people engage in a piece environment.

As Miller explains, the so-called “water cooler second” is an ingredient of location of labor work that can no longer with out complications be replicated over an on-line convention. “These decided collisions occur on the work floor and nothing replaces strolling by any individual on the water cooler or, to this level myself, it was as soon as on the printer or the printer room,” he says.

Capital One believes in flexibility at work, says Miller, which methodology offering a hybrid mode the build aside Mondays and Fridays are no longer mandatory days for contributors to achieve lend a hand into the location of labor. “Tuesday by Thursday are choices for contributors to achieve lend a hand together,” he provides.

Nonetheless, one build aside that’s most ceaselessly uncared for in hybrid work environments is how contributors will seemingly be mentored. Miller’s LinkedIn profile reveals a profession spanning senior roles at Mastercard, building the cloud operations at Citi Financial institution and traditional manager at Amazon’s e-commerce platform. He also spent four years as a security strategist at Microsoft.

Discussing his experiences of being mentored and mentoring, Miller says: “I grew up in an environment the build aside I was as soon as going to the location of labor on on daily basis basis, sitting beside among the top engineers at Microsoft and Amazon and learning from them and asking questions.”

He says he was as soon as able to accept as true with the profit of the mentoring that takes location in such environments, alongside with: “We’ve but to develop fresh mechanisms to total mentoring in a hybrid methodology.”

Fraction of: Computer Weekly Tech Leadership podcasts 2022

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