Elon Musk Threatens to Sue Twitter Staff Who Atomize NDAs Amid Leaks

Elon Musk
Threatens to Sue Twitter Staff
… Who Atomize NDAs

12/10/2022 10: 54 AM PT

Elon Musk is in unhappy health of your total leaks plaguing Twitter now no longer too prolonged within the past — so he’s threatening to implement the firm’s NDAs alongside with his group … on the threat of potential litigation.

The Chief Twit reportedly fired off an electronic mail to staff that detailed ramifications within the occasion that they had been chanced on to be leaking sensitive insider info to the media … this in conserving with Platformer’s Zoë Schiffer, who says she got a duplicate of the correspondence and quoted from it.

NEW: Elon Musk is threatening to sue Twitter staff who leak confidential recordsdata to the press. He’s asking staffers to mark a pledge indicating they’ve understood. Right here is the electronic mail:

— Zoë Schiffer (@ZoeSchiffer) December 10, 2022

Schiffer says the electronic mail from EM begins … “As evidenced by the many detailed leaks of confidential Twitter recordsdata, a pair of of us at our firm continue to behave in a formulation opposite to the firm’s interests and in violation of their NDA.”

Elon reportedly goes on to divulge this, “This would possibly also be said only as soon as: While you happen to clearly and intentionally violate the NDA that you just signed while you joined, you accept prison responsibility to the rotund extent of the law & Twitter will without lengthen watch damages.”

Musk says occasional crawl united statesare understandable “however breaking your discover by sending detailed info to the media” with the intent to disaster Twitter “will find the response it deserves.”

Staff maintain by 5pm on the present time to reply.

— Zoë Schiffer (@ZoeSchiffer) December 10, 2022

There would possibly be reasonably of wiggle room, it looks … as Elon it looks told his fellow birds that an accidental or occasional slipup changed into as soon as understandable — however furthermore made a distinction between that and what he says has been going on en masse … outright squealing to the press.

There has, essentially, been a amount of news about how Twitter’s operating beneath Elon’s regime — with discover of 1 in all the HQs being grew to become into a motel of kinds, the mass firings/attempted rehires … and, in spite of all the pieces, the scarecrow moderation council he plans to put in.


Some maintain called out EM as a hypocrite for attempting to silence his bear staff, while persevering with to explicitly leak internal Twitter recordsdata to journos love Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss.


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