Quantum engine is powered appropriate by measuring its quantum speak

A quantum engine built the dispute of two entangled quantum bits makes dispute of measurements as a source of vitality. It may perhaps maybe bustle up the model some quantum computers process files


12 October 2022

By Karmela Padavic-Callaghan

A laser on an optical table


A beget for a quantum engine that makes dispute of two entangled quantum bits and is powered by measuring their properties has been examined within the lab for the principle time.

On the quantum scale, measuring an object’s property can alternate its vitality. In 2021, Léa Bresque at Grenoble Alpes College in France and her colleagues developed a beget for an engine that would effectively be powered the dispute of most engrossing this vitality alternate. Now, Bresque and other colleagues enjoy examined this beget within the lab.

The engine …

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