Sons of the Woodland dev solutions your questions and says there are “in point of fact chilly suggestions” on the style

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The indie team at the relief of Sons of the Woodland says it has plans to fortify the man made intelligence of your two non-playable companions, Kelvin and Virginia.

Responding to questions posted thru the sport’s present Reddit Q&A (thanks, PC Gamer (opens in unusual tab)), Sons of the Woodland (opens in unusual tab) developer Endnight has “massive plans” to overtake the diversity of tasks every character can originate.

For Kelvin, this could presumably per chance chiefly be across the form of actions it is advisable to presumably per chance have the opportunity to impeach him to discontinue (or no longer, because the case could presumably per chance very neatly be), even because it is hoped Virginia will score a dinky bit braver in the case of maintaining you, in particular must you hold loaned her a weapon or three. 

“We’ve massive plans to preserve adding tasks Kelvin can total, some suggestions in progress are having are having him befriend originate a wall spherical your base, or fortify/restore the bottom when wished,” the team said, as considered in the worthwhile video below.

“For Virginia, we blueprint so that you can add more to her AI, in particular giving her more bravery if she has a weapon, and additionally relying on what number of mutants/cannibals she has killed.”

There are additionally plans so that you can add unusual “ghosts” or blueprints to your constructing alternate choices, as neatly as more “ambient actions for the cannibals to enact spherical their villages”. 

We are in a position to additionally search information from a “more developed cooking system” that will reach into the sport in a future patch “as soon because it is further developed”, which wants to be acceptable information for those of us who cry at any time when we abolish a dinky bit one deer.

In the end, the team did tease that it had a “in point of fact chilly blueprint” for quicker forms of transportation, nonetheless it held off from getting “into crucial points in case it is no longer in point of fact as enjoyable as we mediate it is miles going to be, or would not work neatly with the environment”. 

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The survival dismay sport could presumably per chance’ve easiest merely launched in early score entry to final week, nonetheless it hasn’t taken long for speedrunners to dissect Sons of the Woodland completely… and correct now, the realm myth for ending it is seven minutes and 38 seconds. And that is the explanation without hurting a soul, too.

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